The American Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants (AAAA®) actively advocates for patient safety and improved access to care through grassroots lobbying and a AAAA® legislative fund.  Member engagement and donations are key to the success of AAAA® advocacy efforts. Explore the ways that you can help.


Click here to learn about the position of the AAAA® on various issues.  This page provides plenty of helpful handouts that can be printed to educate others on AAAA® positions.


AAAA® promotes grassroots lobbying for CAA advocacy. In order to assist AAs and others in this effort, AAAA® and the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) supplies the following tools.  These documents provide for better understanding of the issues and increased ability to contact legislators.


AAAA® actively supports CAA issues and some of these activities require financing. The AAAA® has established a separate legislative fund to provide financial support to these activities that includes providing knowledgeable AAAA® leaders and members to speak on behalf of the AA profession to groups and legislators. The AAAA® Legislative Fund is not a political action committee, so anyone may contribute. Click here to make a donation.